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Go home, get stoned

Making love instead of mysery

what's her fuckin' name
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[Roleplay journal, nuthing to see here. Lyrics are from Hinder songs, because the player is a dork.

Also, a slightly older and very AU version of a character resides here.]

Character Name: 'Senia
Place of Origin: A unique AU that is having the details worked out at the moment.
Armored Description: N/A
Unarmored Description: 'Senia stands at 5'6" tall, with long (on par with some Zeroes) black hair and unnaturally blue eyes. Her skin also looks tanned, year 'round what with being a robot. Age-wise she appears to be in her late teens-early twenties. She also tend towards wearing pants and t-shirts, tending towards wearing them in blacks and greens.